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Welcome to my Homepage


Program Info
Date start Dec 2014
Type of Program Education · Exhibition · Online · Professional Development · Residency
Parent program Digital Arts
Current Roles
Rachel Stuckey · Director of Digital Arts
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Opportunity Description Type
Welcome to my Homepage Residency Application Submit to Welcome to my Homepage, an international online residency program that offers artists a no-cost, low-stakes opportunity to expand their practice in new directions, explore the web as a site for creative production, and reach a new audience. Residency, Open Call
Wizard Registry If you're a tech wizard or an artist working with computers - we want to know about you! Tell us what you’re excited about and want to see/do by signing up on our Wizard Registry. Educational, Open Call
Date Event Format Medium
05.18.24 Welcome to my Homepage - Applicant Support Workshop (online) Workshop Q&A
05.11.24 Welcome to my Homepage - Applicant Support Workshop (in-person) Workshop Q&A
05.04.24 Meet me on the deep net Exhibition Video Games · Net.art
03.30.24 Classifieds for Poets Exhibition Digital Art · Net.art · Writing · Interactive · Illustration · Participatory
02.23.24 All About Computer Love Exhibition Digital Art · Interactive · Net.art · Writing
11.01.23 Instanosis Exhibition Interactive · Net.art · Participatory
10.13.23 Build-A-Web Workshop Residency Civic Engagement · Net.art
09.05.23 Celine Lassus (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.24.23 Welcome to Polly's Place Exhibition Digital Art · Illustration · Interactive · Net.art · Prose
08.01.23 Michelle Foto (Residency) Residency Net.art
07.01.23 Josh Kery - Album (Residency) Residency Net.art
05.25.23 Tiffany K. Smith: THINK Public Schools Exhibition Civic Engagement · Net.art
04.15.23 Pfft: an evastars retrospective Exhibition Design · Net.art · Storytelling
04.01.23 Make Droy: Quilt (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.01.23 The Waiting Machine: Ran Ran Fan (Residency) Residency Net.art
12.22.22 Liz Dexia: Open Virtual Studio Exhibition Net.art
11.20.22 Livestream: Bachelor in Paradise in The Sims 4 Exhibition Net.art · Video Games
11.01.22 Sara Roma: Scrolling Exorcise (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.26.22 Hua Chai: Open Studio Residency Net.art
08.01.22 Dust Bunny (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.01.22 Hannah Spector (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.22 Rino kodama (Residency) Residency Mixed Media · Net.art · Video · Writing
03.01.22 Elexus Pettigrew: Bible Study (Residency) Residency Net.art · Video
12.10.21 Devin Alejandro Wilder: untitled homepage-land experiment (Residency) Residency Mixed Media · Net.art
10.01.20 Schelsey Mahammadie-Sabet (Residency) Residency Net.art
03.01.20 Devin Wilkins (Residency) Residency Net.art
02.01.20 Monica Seggos (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.17.20 Alie Jackson (Residency Exhibit) Exhibition Augmented Reality
01.17.20 So Below So Below Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
01.01.20 Rosa Nussbaum (Residency) Residency Net.art
12.01.19 Matthew Rayfield (Residency) Residency Net.art
11.16.19 (Couch) Surfing: A Half-Decade of Welcome to my Homepage Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media · Net.art
11.01.19 Zachary Schulte (Residency) Residency Net.art
10.01.19 Myfanwy Mars (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.25.19 Power Mapping Workshop Pedagogy
09.25.19 The Day of the Dolphin Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
09.06.19 The Breesed Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
09.01.19 Alie Jackson (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.01.19 Ciara O'Kelly (Residency) Residency Net.art
07.01.19 Brooke Johnson (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.19 Nat Olmo (Residency) Residency Net.art
05.01.19 Noah Travis Phillips (Residency) Residency Net.art
04.01.19 Kia Miakka Natisse (Residency) Residency Net.art
03.01.19 Virtual Viscera and Sorry About the Mess but We Live Here Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
03.01.19 Campbell McConnell (Residency) Residency Net.art
02.10.19 VHS Zine Making Workshop Film · Mixed Media
02.01.19 Claire Lachow (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.18.19 Sharing Turtle and Working Alone Together Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
01.01.19 Elaine Adams (Residency) Residency Net.art
12.15.18 Readers Digest and Sex-Human for your Bots *Holiday Edition Exhibition Net.art
12.01.18 Sharing Turtle (Residency) Residency Net.art
11.01.18 Bianca Hockensmith (Residency) Residency Net.art
10.01.18 Meredith Brindley (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.01.18 Kevin Brophy (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.01.18 Alex Guillen (Residency) Residency Net.art
07.27.18 BEAUTIFOOOOOOOL Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
07.27.18 Just Browsing Exhibition Illustration · Net.art
07.01.18 Wednesday Kim (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.18 Dana Suleymanova (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.18 My Spring Allergies: An Unwellness Fair Exhibition Installation · Video
06.01.18 Slippery People Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
05.01.18 Diane Zhou (Residency) Residency Net.art
04.27.18 Welcome 2 my heartbreak Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
04.01.18 Hannah Dubbe (Residency) Residency Net.art
03.03.18 AM/Projected Relation Exhibition Net.art
03.01.18 Renée Reizman (Residency) Residency Net.art
02.01.18 Christina Smiros (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.19.18 Sean Morgan and Hiba Ali Exhibition Net.art
01.01.18 Jeffery Charles Stanley (Residency) Residency Net.art
10.01.17 Hiba Ali (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.09.17 R U ALSO LOST? Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
07.28.17 The Highest Grossing Film of 1994 Exhibition Digital Art · Film · Sculpture
07.28.17 Melanie Clemmons and Everest Pipkin Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
06.09.17 Matthew Keff: A Digital Open Studio Exhibition Installation · Virtual Reality
05.20.17 Spams Encore Experience Acting · Augmented Reality · Digital Art · Installation · Interactive · Net.art · Virtual Reality
04.01.17 Liz Walber (Residency) Residency Net.art
03.01.17 Waverly Mandel (Residency) Residency Net.art
02.01.17 Daniel Greenberg and Troy Hoffman (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.01.17 Rin Johnson (Residency) Residency Net.art
12.01.16 Edouard Brooks (Residency) Residency Net.art
11.01.16 Marc Yearsley (Residency) Residency Net.art
10.01.16 Jesse Cline (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.01.16 Sean Morgan (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.01.16 Violet Forest (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.01.16 Maya Livio and JP Merz (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.01.16 House of Killing (Ingeborg Wie and Esben Holk) with sound by Sophie Harkins (Residency) Residency Net.art
07.01.16 Everest Pipkin (Residency) Residency Net.art
07.01.16 Sidnie Cherie Hilley (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.16 Melanie Clemmons (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.16 Cait Carouge (Residency) Residency Net.art
05.01.16 Matthew Keff (Residency) Residency Net.art
05.01.16 Josh Keeney (Residency) Residency Net.art
04.01.16 Martha Hipley (Residency) Residency Net.art
03.01.16 Ambar Navarro (Residency) Residency Net.art
02.01.16 Takahiro Suzuki (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.01.16 James Scheuren (Residency) Residency Net.art
09.01.15 Annie May Johnston (Residency) Residency Net.art
08.01.15 Eliza (Residency) Residency Net.art
07.01.15 Biraaj Dodiya (Residency) Residency Net.art
06.01.15 Cameron Coffman (Residency) Residency Net.art
05.01.15 Anne Rogers (Residency) Residency Net.art
04.01.15 Emily O'Leary (Residency) Residency Net.art
03.01.15 Bev (Amaya Alejandra) (Residency) Residency Net.art
02.01.15 Bucky Miller (Residency) Residency Net.art
01.01.15 Connor Frew (Residency) Residency Net.art
12.01.14 Meg Ryan (Ryan Patrick Martin + Megan Stuckey) (Residency) Residency Net.art
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Program purpose

An international online residency program that offers artists financial and technical support to explore the internet as a site for creative production. Welcome to my Homepage was founded in 2014 and has since hosted over 65 artists from across the World Wide Web.