Liz Dexia: Open Virtual Studio

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Event Info
Date 12.22.22
Time 12am–11pm
Admission Free
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Liz Dexia is in the Homepage! Sneek a peek as their high-tech, very natural, parody wellness brand UNCANNY SOLUTIONS comes into being.

Recent advances in the time-honored practice of genetic modification means there has never been a better time to be the best you can be, the Natural Way™. …Ulitizing the latest AI assisted sustainability, our dedicated team has engineered products that unite life and leaf in a practice some publications have called “alarming” and “worth investigating”.

Slurp up that life-affirming kool-aid and stay tuned for the final project reveal later this month.

About the artist:

Working under the name Liz Dexia, gender-fluid artist Keith Womak (any/all pronouns) took a dive into the world of Drag to discover what it means to be a Drag performer and in some cases, what it means to be human. After arriving in Austin 7 years ago from a background in illustration and fashion design, Drag became the focus for their creative pursuits. Using costume, performance, illustration, and a pandemic-fueled foray into video production, they have decided to bring these skills, themes, and ideas from Liz’s world into a more exploratory and interactive space.