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MoHA is located at 3600 Lyons Rd. Austin, TX 78702


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Zac Traeger

Executive Director | | Office Hours Calendly

Zac Traeger is a composer and Executive Director of The Museum of Human Achievement. He has led the organization through 11 years of award-winning programming. MoHA was founded with $4k he saved from teaching piano with no loans or institutional support. In eleven years, MoHA has grown from an informal DIY collective to a 501(c)3 nonprofit grounded in equity, affordability, and accessibility. Zac is passionate about sharing knowledge and resources in support of long-term sustainability and has helped numerous arts, community and social justice organizations establish infrastructure and long-term strategies.

Zac has successfully written over $4m in funding applications including support from the National Endowment for the Arts, TX commission on the Arts, City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Department, United Way, Mid America Art Alliance, SBA’s Shuttered Venue Operator Grant and EIDL loans. Zac sits on multiple boards including UNESCO Media Arts board for the City of Austin, the Land Use and Code - Cultural Working Group, Urban Land Institute’s Cultural Advisory Board, Unlisted Projects, and the Live in America Festival Facilitator and Support Team.

Rachel Stuckey

Director of Digital Arts | | Office Hours Calendly

Rachel Stuckey is an artist and the Director of Digital Arts at The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX, where she advocates for diverse voices in emerging media arts and indie games. In 2014 she founded the Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency. She has previously worked as Gallery Director at Women & Their Work, programmer for Experimental Response Cinema, and community organizer for Girls Who Code.

As an artist, she works with new media to explore enthusiasm, confusion, and mystical lore about computers and life online. Her work has shown at Small File Media Festival, Fusebox Festival, The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale, Hyperreal Film Club, Drkmttr, Other Cinema, Film Forum, Echo Park Film Center, daswerk, Slovenski Filmski Center, and elsewhere. Forever a fan of media art residencies, Stuckey has spent time in creating and researching at Laboratory, Signal Culture, and Media Archaeology Lab. She earned an MFA from The University of Texas at Austin and a BFA from University of Colorado Boulder.

Shannon Stott

Director of Community Abundance | | Office Hours Calendly

Shannon Stott is inspired by the magic of communication and community. For over 20 years, as an educator, facilitator and improviser, she has responded to subtle clues that her partners give to communicate in these mediums. She used these unique listening and responding skills to foster relationships between the CDC and local University Educators in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as well as create educational programming on HIV and AIDS for the Tanzanian and American public. Her communication skills have been the foundation of her success in working for the U.S. Department of State, within the creative community of Texas and now as the Director of Community Abundance at the MoHA. Shannon considers effective communication a practice and is motivated to continue this practice to help strengthen the artist community that she is working for and is a part of.

Jay Roff-Garcia

Digital Arts Coordinator |

Jay Roff-Garcia is an artist and the Digital Art Coordinator at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas. Their art practice is transmedia based and functions to create experiential works that express shared personal narratives. Jay is the founder and director of Ruido/Noise, a bilingual organization dedicated to showcasing and supporting transmedia & time-based works through public programming, online releases, and artist support. Their work has shown with Austin Film Society, Big Medium, Co-Labs Projects, Fusebox Festival, Hyperreal Film Club, and Licuadora Alternativa. They earned their BFA at the University of Texas at Austin.

Tori Reynolds

Production and Facilities Manager |

Tori Reynolds is a multi-disciplinary artist with a primary focus on producing performance art & theatre. They are the Facilities/Production Manager for The Museum of Human Achievement, and have been Set Designer/ Lead Fabricator for a wide variety of projects. They co-produced/artistically directed ‘Roaming Gender’ - a touring documentary series, creating a platform for queer and trans people to share their stories and build community across the country. In their work, they center and prioritize queer artists and collaboration.

Sarah Corpron

Grants and Development Manager |

Sarah Corpron is an arts administration super-nerd and Grants and Development Manager at MoHA. She has worked within the arts sector for over 18 years, supporting multi-disciplinary and live, community-minded projects. When she isn’t researching and applying for grants, Sarah is also the Business Manager and co-owner of a family dental office in Austin, TX. Previously, Sarah was a Cultural Funding Specialist with the City of Austin where she guided artists and organizations through the process of government funding application and worked to redesign and relaunch new, racial equity-centered cultural funding programs. Prior to moving to Austin, TX, Sarah was the Director of Business Services at NYFA; overseeing operations for Fiscal Sponsorship, NYFA Coaching, and other programs. She was also the Programs Director at VAE in Raleigh, NC; managing programs for emerging artists and organizing the annual open-source creativity festival, SPARKcon. Sarah completed her Masters of Arts Administration through Goucher College. In addition to gardening and hiking, Sarah loves talking grants strategies and arts admin with anyone who is willing!

Eriane Austria

Programs Administrator | | Office Hours Calendly

Eriane Austria is the Programs Administrator at the Museum of Human Achievement, where she draws on her interdisciplinary background in research, creative technologies, and art to understand how to support MoHA through backend operations. Previously, she has performed academic research in cognitive neuroscience at Dell Med; developed games as artist, programmer, designer, and/or producer; and took on several leadership roles in operations and outreach for a variety of student-led organizations. Overall, she is a polymath through and through with a love for art-making, exercise, science, and connecting with people through exploring the joys, unknowns, and lived experiences at the intersection of disciplines and identities. Eriane earned her Bachelor's degrees in Neuroscience and Arts & Entertainment Technologies at the University of Texas at Austin and wrote her Polymathic Scholars honors thesis on Digital Globalization and Intersectionality.