Dust Bunny (Residency)

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Event Info
Date start 08.01.22
Date end 08.31.22
Start Time 12am
Admission Free
Event artist
Presented by
Associated Program Welcome to my Homepage

Click to enter Dust Bunny’s dreamlike world of gooey monsters and curious soundscapes. Through their ongoing practice of drawing as a form of meditative stress relief, they’ve massaged a comfortable space for contemplation into existence. Mixed media drawings paired with sound art of digitally manipulated kulingtan (a Filipino percussion instrument), hypnotic .gifs, and experiments in projection mapping are tinged with thoughts of diasporic identity and mythology. Explore Dust Bunny’s work at welcometomyhomepage.net and stay tuned in the coming days as they continue to post new works in progress. Dust Bunny  (any/all pronouns) is a practicing multimedia artist based in Austin, TX. They to explore their unique intersectional identity as a queer Filipino-American and the unexpected experiences of everyday life through drag performance, drawing, sculpture, projection mapping, and mixed media. In hopes of making sense of these experiences, Dust Bunny caricatures easily defined characteristics (Bunny) while introspectively distorting definitions into indistinguishable forms (Dust). Their work is an ever-developing exchange based on the relationship between these two modes of thought.