Elaine Adams (Residency)

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Event Info
Date start 01.01.19
Date end 01.31.19
Start Time 12am
Admission Free

'Elaine Adams- Virtual Viscera

Virtual Viscera explores the ways in which today’s digital and online media shape individual identity and form a virtual connection with the individual’s brain and body. The interactive collage, designed to create an abstract self portrait of the artist, is comprised of the artist’s original images as well as found images and internet ephemera. The collage serves as a digital memory archive in which the virtual merges with the flesh. The exhibition of Virtual Viscera will feature a new audio piece which will allow the viewer to experience maximum sensory immersion.

Elaine Adams is fourth-year BFA candidate at the University of Texas. Her work revolves around abjection, death and rebirth, ideas of self, and takes inspiration from practical horror movie effects and science fiction.