(Couch) Surfing: A Half-Decade of Welcome to my Homepage

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Welcome to my Homepage (welcometomyhomepage.net (http://welcometomyhomepage.net/) ) is an international online residency program that offers artists a low-stakes opportunity to expand their practice in new directions, explore the web as a site for creative production, and reach a new audience. For visitors, the Homepage is an accessible art venue that promotes net.art appreciation and conversation both online and IRL. The project began in 2014 when artist and founder Rachel Stuckey opened a guest room in her personal homepage as a creative retreat to facilitate (couch) surfing online. In the years since, it has expanded into a competitive jury-selected residency program that provides artists, writers, and other creatives with online spa ce, digital studio visits, a stipend to cover internet bills, and a physical gallery space to realize a Homepage project offline. Welcome to my Homepage has hosted nearly 60 artists from across the world wide web.