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Program Info
Date start Apr 2017
Type of Program Education · Exhibition · Professional Development
Parent program Digital Arts
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Date Event Format Medium
01.17.20 So Below So Below Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
01.17.20 Alie Jackson (Residency Exhibit) Exhibition Augmented Reality
11.16.19 (Couch) Surfing: A Half-Decade of Welcome to my Homepage Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media ·
09.25.19 Power Mapping Workshop Pedagogy
09.25.19 The Day of the Dolphin Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
09.06.19 The Breesed Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
09.04.19 VR Fondue Exhibition Installation · Virtual Reality
04.18.19 Iloveyou.txt.vbs and Ecca Echo Concert Music · Performance Art
04.18.19 The Spinning Beach Ball of Death Exhibition Digital Art · Film · Installation
03.01.19 Virtual Viscera and Sorry About the Mess but We Live Here Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
02.10.19 VHS Zine Making Workshop Film · Mixed Media
01.18.19 Sharing Turtle and Working Alone Together Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
12.15.18 Readers Digest and Sex-Human for your Bots *Holiday Edition Exhibition
10.26.18 Real World: Witch House Exhibition Digital Art · Installation · Video Games
07.27.18 Just Browsing Exhibition Illustration ·
07.27.18 BEAUTIFOOOOOOOL Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
06.01.18 My Spring Allergies: An Unwellness Fair Exhibition Installation · Video
06.01.18 Slippery People Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
04.27.18 Welcome 2 my heartbreak Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
04.18.18 C0MPUTER P$YENT0L0GY Experience Acting · Digital Art · Installation · Virtual Reality
03.03.18 AM/Projected Relation Exhibition
01.19.18 Sean Morgan and Hiba Ali Exhibition
01.16.18 Net Neutrality Reading Group 2 Social Participatory
01.09.18 Net Neutrality Reading Group 1 Social Participatory
09.09.17 R U ALSO LOST? Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
07.28.17 The Highest Grossing Film of 1994 Exhibition Digital Art · Film · Sculpture
07.28.17 Melanie Clemmons and Everest Pipkin Exhibition Installation · Mixed Media
06.09.17 Matthew Keff: A Digital Open Studio Exhibition Installation · Virtual Reality
05.20.17 Spams Encore Experience Acting · Augmented Reality · Digital Art · Installation · Interactive · · Virtual Reality
04.12.17 SPAMS - The Internet: The Restaurant Experience Acting · Augmented Reality · Digital Art · Installation · Interactive · · Virtual Reality
12.30.16 Dream Wanderer (VR Bus) Exhibition Virtual Reality
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Program purpose

VR, AR, and exhibitions, performance, and education. IRL seeks to empower a more diverse population of artists to use digital technology in their work in creative and unexpected ways, as well as create dedicated space for public engagement with cutting-edge digital artworks. The IRL studio serves as a production space for artists working in digital media and is outfitted with virtual reality, motion tracking, video projection, and other specialized equipment. IRL curates exhibitions in emerging media and facilitates a monthly salon for digital artists to show, share, and discuss their work.