Welcome 2 my heartbreak

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Date 04.27.18
Admission Free
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Renée Reizman presents welcome 2 my heartbreak, a physical installation of work made during the Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency for the month of March. Welcome to my Homepage is an online residency program that offers artists a no-cost, low-stakes opportunity to expand their practice in new directions, explore the web as a site for creative production, and reach a new audience. For visitors, the Homepage is an accessible art venue that aims to promote net.art appreciation and conversation both online and IRL.

"My ideology stems from technology, and how it serves as the lynchpin for the relationship between regulation and aesthetics. Each of these three fields are in constant flux, progressing into new territory while referencing the past. I look at the structures that formulate and dictate the trajectories for law, technology, and aesthetics, and how they disenfranchise those without power or status. My work, which is often collaborative, tries to vocalize the concerns of the marginalized while undermining language oppressors use to demean them. My process often illuminates contradictions and complexities in public policy, legalese, and corporate strategy, allowing those who are negatively targeted to appropriate these tools and subvert the systems that tries to suppress new forces of power."

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