VR Fondue

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Event Info
Date start 09.04.19
Date end 09.08.19
Start Time 12am
Admission $10–20
Sliding Scale
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09.04.19 Five Recommended Arts Events This Weekend by Wayne Alan Brenner (Austin Chronicle)

Virtual Reality Fondue is a night of experimental virtual reality by FLATSITTER, paired with gooey cheese fondue. Choose from a menu of mind-bending virtual reality.


Lily Dale: A virtual reality exploration of spiritualism and the afterlife based on a community of psychic mediums in Western New York.

Goat Mountain Revival: From the ashes of the Burned-over District of Western New York– a new faith is risen. This is the Nth Great Awakening. This new, federally recognized ‘avant-garde religion’ draws equally from reason, atavistic knowledge, and a binary divinity. Featuring poetry from Noah Falck and music by Nola Ranallo, TJ Borden, Jim Abramson, Suzanne Bonnifacio, and Megan Kyle.

ANGELITX: A dark, erotic journey into the inner depths of nonbinary pornography. Featuring music from Anklepants and Boy Harsher, as well as voiceover from muxe performance artist Lukas Avendaño.

El Ramo: Born from a dark Mexican surrealist tradition, this VR + film experience is based on a short story by Octavio Paz and was produced in collaboration with Oaxacan artists, actors, singers, and writers. On exhibit at ALTER gallery in Oaxaca.

Las Olas: A virtual reality life cycle fever dream based on a short story by Octavio Paz and featuring music from Nola Ranallo.

Morning Dew: A post apocalyptic love story featuring music by Shawn Lewis (Lesionread) and Brianna Battista.