Readers Digest and Sex-Human for your Bots *Holiday Edition

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Date 12.15.18
Admission Free

"what is behind the covers of my untouched reader’s digest collection? i only need to read the title of the article off of the cover and it comes to me. rather than open and read, i want to sense the essence of these features and interpret them how i see fit."

Bianca Hockensmith is a cat lover, image maker, and experimental sound person living in Denton, Texas. She received her BFA in Printmaking from University of North Texas. Bianca composes 2D digital images using MS Excel, explores personalized environments, and engages with oppressive office aesthetics and tools

  • sex-human for your bots* is about role-reversal, political switch-play; post-ironic love affair with machine (hardware/device, socials, content-sharing, online marketplaces, cloud-based applications, etc), and the poetics and complications of this current moment, a sort-of apocalypse: the changing of human domination over machine into subordination--from a psychological standpoint (not “Hansen Robotic’s Sophie will destroy all humans”), and in relation to access to information as equivalent to power.

Kevin Brophy is an interdisciplinary artist who creates visual and textual spaces, objects, and performances that explicate discreet systems repositioned across platforms to break with normative, capitalist structures and to create psychological distance. Her practice often mimics the cultural dominant; such as mass and social media, products, and games, in order to evaluate socio-political power structures. Her current research includes Internet of Things, biased training of AI, our changing psychological response to the screen, and how language functions—past, present, and future—in relation to these cultural occurrences. Through exaggerated forms of communication, she critiques in satirical and self-implicating ways.