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The project is an investigation in the potency of the ontological instability of the digital representations we use to constitute the shared world wide web. Birthed without ontological density, the digital representation of subjects lack substance. This means that due to the simple fact that the selfie is merely presented as data and pixelpoints on an interface rather than a somatic experienced body, we can explore the occurring instability of its definition. In other words: your selfie is always lost- desperately seeking, but constantly denied substance. HOUSE OF KILLING believes in instability as tool for transformation.

R U ALSO LOST? is a temporary platform/website/generative space for lost and unstable digital entities. Not dissimilar to an opensource document, however coded to become a generative space, the site can be a meeting point for all of us who are lost. We will however never seek to be found: The transformative power of the unsubstantiated avatar is in its willingness to be undefined. HOUSE OF KILLING is all about hoaxing the idea of the real self- and enjoying trolling the notion of true self representation. R U ALSO LOST’s primary focus is create an air of calmness and gratitude around the sometimes incomprehensible internet.

HOUSE OF KILLING consists of Ingeborg Wie and Esben Holk. We are all about the hiveminds of the collective: understood as both the defined art collective and the undefined collective of avatars in a random commentary thread on reddit.

The collective is based in Berlin, but both artists share a background in new media and performance art in Bergen, Norway. Esben has been producing work as a creative programmer, and Ingeborg has been consciously using contemporary internet content: together the two have been making browser based performance art since 2015.

https://www.welcometomyhomepage.net/ https://www.inreallife.lol/