Sharing Turtle and Working Alone Together

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sharing turtle is the brainchild of art-trepreneurs Laura Hyunjhee Kim and libi rose striegl. With a thoughtful yet irreverent attitude towards the modern cyborgian state, Laura and libi interrogate the fragile balances maintaining symbiotic human-tech relationships and investigate human and computational behavior. Incorporating critique and interpretations of contemporary thinkers, modern scientific and technological advancements, and engaging with the vast potential of the post-digital art world, their collaborative work embraces both the cynical and the hopeful.

Working Alone Together (tm) is a collaborative initiative for the modern open-plan workspace. Modeling after hyper-personalizable yet still socially harmonic technological advancements, and drawing from research studies that prove the inefficacy of shared spaces, Sharing Turtle proposes speculative design works to redesign the future of the working environment. Historic attempts to improve productivity have either been too complicated or disruptive. At Sharing Turtle we recognize that simplicity is the new complexity. We strive to facilitate workplace amelioration through our alternative and portable work units.