Tiffany K. Smith: THINK Public Schools

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Date 05.25.23
Time 7pm–11pm
Admission Free
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THINK Public Schools is a fictional charter school system set in a near future where business interests, the gun lobby, and conservative policies have an even firmer grip on American education. Tiffany K. Smith invites visitors to explore THINK through a teacher recruitment website that promotes eyebrow-raising benefits like body cameras, PTSD-blocking drugs, and payment in the school’s own currency. Using dark humor in video performances, digital collage, and web design Smith has created a sharp and cathartic critique of the forces shaping education from the perspective of a classroom veteran.

Tiffany K. Smith is an interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles living and working in Austin, TX. Her projects often pull from advertising, active shooter training, and political speeches to raise questions about America’s values and encourage a deeper investigation of policies shaping education.

Smith has a BFA in Studio Art and a Master’s in Education from UCLA. She previously taught social studies to middle and high school students in Los Angeles public schools. Her work has been shown at The Wende Museum (Los Angeles, CA), DORF (Austin, TX), Art Room (Fort Worth, TX), FLAT PACK (Albany, TX), and California State University, Long Beach.