All About Computer Love

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Date start 02.23.24
Date end 03.31.24
Start Time 12am
Admission Free
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On view online (desktop only) at

Sara Martínez’s_ All About Computer Love_ is a daydreamy, interactive visual essay. Open your desktop browser’s command console to read Martínez’s love letter to the internet, laden with her reflections on safety, belonging, and agency. Type to unfurl a sweet, javascript animated, domestic landscape that evokes the aesthetics of early American needlework samplers, ASCII art, and e-card valentines.

“...I have loved a lot through the internet and have feared so little.” 

Sara Martínez is a writer, designer and interdisciplinary artist based in Mexico. Her work has taken different forms such as installation, digital mixed media, performance, essays, electronic poetry and short fiction. Her work explores themes such as poetic terrorism, poetic practices of intentional illegibility and text corruption, the body and the avatar, and the question of the subconscious in computational mediums and machines. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Digital Media from Universidad Iberoamericana. Her work has appeared in Mvseo Privado, Revista 404, Museo Cabañas and the gallery Rosario Sánchez.