The Waiting Machine: Ran Ran Fan (Residency)

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Date start 01.01.23
Date end 01.31.23
Start Time 12am
Admission Free
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So you’ve submitted your big application and the anxiety of the wait is eating away at you. Ranran Fan’s web project, The Waiting Machine, was created as a tool for those awaiting news from bureaucratic systems. The Machine provides five “results” which allow the viewer to cast spells, meditate in self-reflection, scrub out frustration, and search for answers. The project’s enchanting maze of pages is a reminder to check the status of your mental health first. Give it a spin at

Ranran Fan (she/they, b. China) is a device-maker and an artist who works in photography, installation, and performance. She invents various devices as solutions to explore the absurd existence of the free individual female subject under an oppressive political and patriarchal environment. Through these devices, she is able to create a separate world as an alternative mode of existence.

Ranran’s work has exhibited at Academy Art Museum, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe Art Institute, Tamarind Institute, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (China) and Incheon Marine Asia Photography and Video Festival (Korea). She’s received awards from Sanitary Tortilla Factory (U.S), Society for Photographic Education (U.S.) and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (China).