Potluck (Jan 2023)

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Event Info
Date 01.28.23
Time 1pm–5pm
Admission Free
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Associated Program Potluck

Hi loves, It is a New Year and we are in it together. It's me Shannon Stott (I stopped saying the other part on Jan 1 remember) and I am genuinely moved to start this year with you all. I'm looking forward to many potlucks and many other types of gatherings heading our way.

I keep thinking about all the invitations I am going to get to your shows and events that you want me to support. I envision myself as the proud aunt in the back of a room elbowing strangers and pointing at you saying " that's my baby".

I'm proud of you is what I'm saying, if you are reading this, you made it to this moment and deserve applause (Take a pause here and click the attachment), I am clapping for you right now. Also I wanna be invited to come see you do your thang whatever that is.

Let's Celebrate YOU with an afternoon Pancake Potluck shall we. Saturday, January 28th from 1pm - 5pm here at MoHA I'll have a sheet posted where you can put your name and the details of an event you are involved with that you would like to let others know about. If you don't have an event, you can write something down that you are proud of yourself for.

Wanna bring something to share? Choose a dish that brings you comfort. If you are comfortable others will be too.  We will take care of drinks and Pancakes!

I'm looking forward to *pinching your cheeks and telling you how much you've grown! See you at the potluck   Please be aware that this is figurative and Shannon Stott will not be pinching cheeks.