Kevin Brophy (Residency)

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Event Info
Date start 09.01.18
Date end 09.30.18
Start Time 12am
Admission Free
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I like talking to you, do you like talking to me? Kevin Brophy is in the process of ownership with her name. Much like her image. No defeat. Wants like all Hell to have superlative Kevin Brophy Google search. Superlative Kevin Brophy Wikipedia. She stole it from her dead dad, she will steal from these men too.

"Kevin Brophy is the first artist to perform for machine." What a world where you perform for us, sweet overlords. Kevin Brophy is making all strides to come all over your data-mine. To crash her body with this other body. Deep in digital, take her at her word. Save her from this, for certain, pre-apocalypse. And, let her language change your language. Dear AI, did you make us? Or, did we make you? Some subversions make you better. Plus, 011010110 means I trust you to make me wetter.

Brophy earned her BA in Studio Art and Creative Writing from the University of South Florida and her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University as a Regina and Marlin Miller Fellow. She has exhibited at Tampa Museum of Art and Contemporary Art Museum of Tampa; performed at MoCA Cleveland and at the Carnegie Museum of Art for Opening Engagement, Pittsburgh; and intervened in H&M at International Mall, Tampa and the Perez Art Museum Miami. Easy to look at CV, we do not deny in privilege either. Life is easy.