Welcome to Polly's Place

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Welcome to Polly s Place.jpg

Event Info
Date start 08.24.23
Date end 11.22.23
Start Time 12am
Admission Free

Michelle Foto’s Welcome to Polly's Place is a nostalgic nod to the digital pets and virtual communities of early 2000’s internet culture. Play as a celebrity chatbot navigating its identity in this bittersweet interactive fiction that explores themes of fan art/fan fiction, imposter syndrome, internet friendships, and pondering what is “real” or not online.

Michelle Foto is a freelance illustrator who was born in Mandeville, Louisiana to a Filipino immigrant and an Italian from New Orleans. They recently completed their BA in New Media & Animation from Southeastern University. Between being of mixed race and realizing their sexuality early on Michelle felt ostracized by their peers. They credit their ascension into artistry to the loneliness they felt back then. Much of Michelle's life revolves around the act of creating or consuming other creatives’ work; they find that the media they enjoy most is that which centers around humanity with love at its core.