pfft: an evastars retrospective

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Date 04.15.23
Time 5pm–10pm
Admission Free
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Approaching the 20th anniversary of evastars' "pixel friends" series, the original members of evastars have partnered with the Welcome to my Homepage and digital preservationist Rachel Simone Weil of FEMICOM Museum to produce pfft: an evastars retrospective. This retrospective project includes an official remaster of selected works from the pixel friends series, interviews, an illustrated glossary full of y2k web history, plus throw-back merch. Join us in celebration of this influential all-girl net art collective!

Rachel Simone Weil combines approaches from electrical engineering, art history, and DIY culture to create video art and electronic objects that reimagine the history of technology. She has produced glitch art and interactive works for formats ranging from payphones to browsers to 1980s video game consoles to handmade textiles. Weil's work is united by playful subversion of historical narratives, often through the creation of fakes and forgeries, to imagine a whimsical playground of electronic artifacts from an imagined past that privileges diverse participation over commercial viability. She has performed, shown work, or curated shows for museums and small DIY shows alike, including Blip Festival (New York), the V&A Museum (London), Glitch Festival (Chicago), and the Living Computer Museum (Seattle). Weil is also the founder of FEMICOM Museum.