Build-A-Web Workshop

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Date start 10.13.23
Date end 12.30.23
Start Time 12am
Admission Free
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Help! The internet has fallen apart and we need your help to build a new future!

Celine Lassus’s Build-A-Web Workshop summons users to imagine a better internet through a point-and-click dress-up game. Over the past month, Lassus conducted surveys with marginalized web users to understand their frustrations and dreams for an online experience that centers autonomy, equity, and playfulness. Each cyborg-chic fashion item represents a different vision for positive change. Try things on for size and pick your favorite fit to conjure the internet you hope to see.

Celine Lassus (b. 1999, Tampa, FL) is a digital native first, artist second. Based in Austin, TX, they work across interactive visual essays (or what you could call games), performance, video, and installation. Their work has been exhibited in the New Art City Festival, The Wrong Biennale, and archived by the Rhizome ArtBase. They have attended the CATS+ Residency at The Museum of Human Achievement and hold a BFA in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin.