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Event Info
Date start 11.01.23
Date end 01.31.24
Start Time 12pm
Admission Free

On view online at

Inspired by online quizzes, probing conversations with coworkers, and a fascination with the far corners of the internet, Oddalys Salcido's Instanosis serves as a diagnostic tool to help you re-discover the playfulness of the digital-age through the art of oversharing. Follow forking paths of absurdist questions, leading you through portals to shared text documents and curious websites curated by Salcido. Seek digital absolution for your sins, gaze out of someone else’s window, contemplate the boundaries of the physical body online, or explore whatever else your Instanosis prescribes.

Oddalys Salcido is a 1st generation latine queer movement artist and filmmaker from Austin, Texas. As a child they felt cosmically connected to Selena Quintanilla and continue to search for that feeling in everything they’ve done since. Trained as a choreographer, contemporary dancer, and reality TV consumer, Oddalys is a movement inspired filmmaker. With influences of absurdity and tenderness they bring an observant collage of their identities, mental illness, and humorous existentialism to their films, choreography, and instagram captions. They morph into many identities such as a professional dancer for ARCOS, co-founder/director of Preheat Film Festival, web designer, filmmaker, digital composer, tote bag designer, and cyborg. They are passionate about experimenting with contemporary movement and technology as a tool to blend both existing and non existing borders.