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Program Info
Date start Apr 2022
Type of Program Education · Exhibition · Meetup · Professional Development · Residency
Parent program Digital Arts
Current Roles
Rachel Stuckey · Director of Digital Arts
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Opportunity Description Type
Wizard Registry If you're a tech wizard or an artist working with computers - we want to know about you! Tell us what you’re excited about and want to see/do by signing up on our Wizard Registry. Educational, Open Call
Date Event Format Medium
08.12.23 CATS+ Expanded Cinema Showcase and Karaoke Night Drive-in · Expanded Cinema · Experience · Karaoke · Performance · Variety Show Digital Art · Performance Art · Projection · Video · Video Games
08.04.23 Mycorrhizal Myth Machine Drive-in Interactive
07.06.23 AR collaboration: flARmingos Workshop Augmented Reality · Media Art · Q&A
06.29.23 Hacking old tech: Mystic Hotline Workshop Interactive · Media Art · Q&A · Video
06.22.23 Interactive Drive-In Media 101 Presentation Interactive · Media Art · Video
04.15.23 CATS+ Out of the Bag Exhibition Mixed Media · · Participatory · Performance Art
04.01.23 CATS+ Computer Club 9: Thermochromic Paint workshop Workshop Craft
03.25.23 CATS+ Computer Club 8: 3D scanning and Photogrammetry Workshop Software
03.18.23 CATS+ Computer Club 7: ML5.js for Arduino and three.js Workshop Creative Coding
03.11.23 CATS+ Computer Club 6: Stop Motion Animation Workshop Animation
03.04.23 CATS+ Computer Club 5: OBS and Participatory Performance Workshop Software
02.25.23 CATS+ Computer Club 4: Soldering and Electronics Workshop Workshop Electronics
02.18.23 CATS+ Computer Club 3 Workshop Digital Art ·
02.11.23 CATS+ Computer Club 2 Workshop Digital Art ·
02.04.23 CATS+ Computer Club 1 Workshop Digital Art ·
09.24.22 Are UXperienced Exhibition Civic Engagement · Digital Art · Interactive · · Video
09.10.22 Memes and Machines Workshop Artificial Intelligence ·
08.27.22 Professional Practice Planning: Finding the 5E model in your art practice Workshop Pedagogy
08.20.22 Making Something Real That Seems Fake Workshop Civic Engagement · Participatory
04.14.22 The APD Decruitment Initiative Exhibition Civic Engagement · Installation · Video
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Program purpose

The Collaborative Art + Technology Situation (CATS+) is a residency and community program at The Museum of Human Achievement that encourages thoughtful, critical, creative engagement with technology. The CATS+ Residency Program groups cohorts of artists and tech wizards to learn together, make new projects, and share their process. We host collaborations, artist-led workshops, hangouts, public showcases, and a wiki to remove the mystery from tech and make magic together.

CATS+ creates access for underrepresented artists and under-resourced community members to critically incorporate technology and digital media into their practices through one-on-one mentorship, tool access, skill-building workshops, and community. It offers technologists the opportunity to share knowledge and explore artistic, cultural frameworks. CATS offers a bridge between technology and the arts in Austin.

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Residency Cohorts



Jess Bee, Emily Gilardi, Rose Ott, Stephanie Page, Celine Lassus, and Serena Zamarripa.

CATS+ Interactive Cinema

Sebastien Hubiera (Dust Bunny), Temitope Olujobi, Rose Ott, E Pettigrew, Cathryn Ploehn, and Miranda Viskatis

CATS+ Computer Club

Itai Almor, Jesse Cline, Kellyn Dassler, Sam Mayer, Sara Aleyce Roma, and Serena Zam


CATS+ 1.0

Alex Goss, Andie Flores, Aryel René Jackson, Sam Lavigne, Celine Lassus, and Mark Yoder

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