Edward Normalhands

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Once upon a time in this very town, the true meaning of Christmas disappeared. 

Oh, my divas, it was not slay, it was not boots, it was not mama. 

A long time ago, a mysterious stranger with a big, huge, sack full of In-App deals and affiliate codes came along. He kept asking people to sit on his lap to share their deepest, darkest gift wishes. But the townspeople only wanted to sing songs and bake cookies!  Make cute little macaroni noodle ornaments with their HANDS! Ick! The mysterious, sacked-up stranger looked upon the town with disgust. He hated all this hand-made, warm and fuzzy merriment! And so he fled to the tippy toppy top of the highest hill in town.  And something happened - something wretched. 

MPAA says: not intended for children

Cast & Crew

Written by: Andie Flores, Sam Mayer, Sawyer Stoltz, Megan Tabaque

Directed by: Megan Tabaque

Produced by: MoHA / Terror Pigeon

Featuring: Roxy Castillo, Beau Elliot, Sabrina Ellis, Aira Juliet, Lynn Metcalf, Erica Nix 

With Support by: Itai Almor, Sam Mayer, Dom Rabalais, Kelsey Oliver, Jay Pudrido, Turito

Music/Band: Caleb de Casper

Poster/Cup Art by: David Tarafa

Costumes by: Emily Gilard, Stephanie Page, Jess Bee

Magic by: Neil Fridd, Zac Traeger, Jay Roff-Garcia, Tori Reynolds, Kelsey Oliver, Rachel Stuckey, Shannon Stott, Dom Rabalais, Courtney Boyle, Lindsay Braun, Rose Ott, Serena Zamarripa, Celine Lassus, Jose Thomas Garcia, Gina Brooks, Mike Hart, Bucky Miller, Charles Ben Russell

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