CATS+ Computer Club 2

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Event Info
Date 02.11.23
Time 1pm–3pm
Admission Free

This spring 6 residents, a handful of mentors, and occasional visiting artists gathered for weekly Computer Club sessions to explore ideas, technologies, and ways of working together.

Something between a showcase, open studio, and performance, CATS+ Out of the Bag is an invitation for audiences to get curious, start conversations, dig into artists’ processes, and get excited about what technology means when we define it together.

The CATS+ residents are Itai Almor, Jesse Cline, Kellyn Dassler, Sam Mayer, Sara Aleyce Roma, and Serena Zam. Contributing mentors and artists include Kristine Fernandez, Julia Kunze, Cathryn Ploehn, Celine Lassus, Rachel Weil, Jay Roff-Garcia and Rachel Stuckey.