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Event Info
Date start 09.24.22
Date end 10.01.22
Start Time 12am
Admission Free

The experiment is to push back on technology. The experience is the Collaborative Art + Technology Situation (CATS+), a new program at The Museum of Human Achievement which pairs artists and tech wizards to collaborate on projects and share their processes.

CATS+ is composed of 3 pairs of artists who spent the summer glitching normalized systems by creating their own user experiences.

Celine Lassus and Mark Yoder’s video game What’s on your mind, User? takes us deep into a social network fever dream, scrutinizing how the structure and design of social sites (from Facebook to 4chan) influence the group behaviors, language, and aesthetic preferences of their users.

Aryel René Jackson and Alex Goss reimagine the physical exhibition venue, Cage Match Project, as an expanded digital/physical hybrid space. Their case study, Onward, features a playable 3D simulation that illustrates the barrier-breaking capacity for change of The Cage in its new form.

Andie Flores and Sam Lavigne’s multimedia abolitionist campaign, APD Decruitment, explores productive alternatives for the city by upending police recruitment strategies. The artists used “real fakes” to hack politicians using the Cameo platform, build a discount program, and create functional resources including motivational posters and recommended reading.

are UXperienced? is an invitation to get curious, start conversations, dig into artists’ processes, and get excited about making our own systems (or just making our own memes 😜 ).