CATS+ Expanded Cinema Showcase and Karaoke Night

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Join us for a showcase of very fresh, experimental video art, video games, and interactive installation art brought to you by this summer’s CATS+ residents! It just might be your new favorite identity questing, queer, anti-capitalist karaoke night.

The Collaborative Art + Technology Situation (CATS+) residency program encourages thoughtful, critical, creative engagement with technology by pairing artists and tech wizards to learn together, make new projects, and share their process. We host collaborations, artist-led workshops, hangouts, public showcases, and a wiki to remove the mystery from tech and make magic together.

The CATS+ residents are Dust Bunny, Temitope Olujobi, Rose Ott, E Pettigrew, Cathryn Ploehn, and Miranda Viskatis. Contributing mentors and artists include Kristine Fernandez, Rachel Weil, Kristin Lucas, Cindy Popp, Jay Roff-Garcia and Rachel Stuckey. Read more about the program, artists, and projects here.

22 Bands

E Pettigrew: video artist and performer

An intimate, poetic reflection on gender and hair in the context of Moor (Black), Christian cultural values. “I've become interested in this subject due to my recent pronoun change and understanding of how I express my gender through gender-bending—growing up in a Christian society, which is very popular in the Moor community. I felt it would be interesting to dive into this idea of understanding how important hair is to us and how it identifies us.”

E Pettigrew ( is a Moor-American artist who uses video and photos to speak about our relationship with media consumption. Their main focus of work plays on being a product of your environment and how media consumption and programming make us who we are today.

Hands That Steal from “Other” Mouths

Temitope Olujobi: game designer, artist, programmer & narrator
FLARM: music

A theatrical, surreal two-player video game/music video about Empire and extraction, Hands that Steal from “Other” Mouths, personifies the exploitive relationship between the global North and South in a frenzied tale about a community of mouths battling a group of greedy capitalist hands.

Temitope Olujobi ( is a Queer Nigerian-American Architect turned Game Designer using their design practice to visualize speculative environments, featuring powerful quixotic visions of resistance that depict a world without hegemony.

FLARM (Spotify), founded in the year of our lord 2018, features the dynamic stylings of Hot Mitzvah (Alex Lievens), Jelly Goulding (Gabriel Boyajian), occasionally Crybaby Burtcocaine (Josh Bransky), and Mayor Clamrai Bonerthumb (Anrai Pearson) who was recently appointed in last years midterm erections.

You Are Invited

Miranda Viskatis: set designer, concept co-creator
Rose Ott: technical lead
Dust Bunny: set designer, concept co-creator

We cordially invite you to join us for an intimate gathering in our interactive living room to celebrate \\\\\[occasion\\\\\]. We are thrilled to announce that our living room will be transformed into a lively karaoke haven, featuring the Wow! Premium Filipino karaoke machine, with more secrets to be found... As valued friends, we would be delighted to have you share in this special occasion with us: our drive-in with 4D desire.

As a first-generation American who grew up in-between Argentine and American cultures, Miranda Viskatis ( is fixated on identity and memory, and how it relates to Being in time and in space. She is continually attempting to represent this relationship in her work; a process which leads her to a nebulous realm, where subjectivity reigns, and things are constantly shifting— including one’s perception.

Rose Ott ( is a programmer, game designer and pastels kinda gal. She is fascinated with surreality, unreality, and liminality; focusing on those aspects of “strange yet eerily familiar”. She usually makes first person video games, but is excited to get to experiment with physical space and how it interacts with the virtual one.

Dust Bunny (IG @dustxbunnyb) is a practicing multimedia artist based in Austin, TX. They continue to explore their unique intersectional identity as a 1st generation queer Filipino American and the unexpected experiences of everyday life through drag performance, drawing, sculpture, projection mapping, and mixed media. In hopes to make sense of these experiences, Dust Bunny plays off distinguishable forms of easily defined characteristics as caricature (Bunny) while introspectively distorting those definitions into indistinguishable loose forms (Dust). Their work is an ever developing exchange based on this relationship.