Mycorrhizal Myth Machine

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Event Info
Date 08.04.23
Doors 8:30pm
Time 9pm–10:30pm
Admission Donation
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Gather 'round for a haunting storytelling drive-in at the end of the world.

We've developed the technology to commune with the mysterious, hidden mycelial intelligence under our feet. It seems to have an seismic wisdom about how to grapple with what feels like the end of times.

Unfortunately, we've discovered that this mycelium is quite hungry...for stories.

We need to figure out the language of the mycelium's plant partners to commune with this intelligence.

In the safety of their cars, participants will unlock the secrets of plant-mycelial communication, submitting their stories of climate-anxiety and livability along the way.

Cathryn Ploehn is an interaction designer and professor. Her work interrogates how to design for livability in the midst of climate crisis and injustice. To this end, she creates data visualizations, taking the form of botanical simulations, to help de-estrange us from ecological community (humans and more).

This project was developed for the CATS+ residency program.