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Program Info
Date start Nov 2014
Type of Program Residency
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UP MoHA WH9 Exchange Warehouse9 (Copenhagen, Denmark), Unlisted Projects (Austin, TX) and The Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, Texas) have come together to offer a residency exchange of one artist from Texas and one artist from Denmark. This international residency opportunity is intended for queer artists working within live performance and designed to support network building, the creation and sharing of new work in an international context. Residents are given the time, space, freedom and financial support to concentrate upon the development of their own work. This residency programme is funded and has a fixed duration of one month. This residency opportunity will be awarded following an open call and application process. Residency artists will be selected in partnership with participating organizations and host a public sharing of work created during their residency at both their host and home organization. The purpose of this residency programme is to support artistic development and facilitate cultural exchange, and long-term connections between artists, organizations and the greater communities of Texas and Denmark. A unique dimension of the call is a commitment to the intersection of LGBTQIA+ issues and environmental sustainability practices. Open Call
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Date Event Format Medium
07.01.24 Where does a clown fit in the revolution? Workshop Performance Art
06.05.24 Andie Flores (Residency) Residency Performance Art
04.23.24 Performative ritual for the bat species Performance Performance Art
04.22.24 Mask workshop (part two) Workshop Craft
04.20.24 Mask workshop (part one) Workshop Craft
03.28.24 Linh Le (Residency) Residency Performance Art · Participatory · Craft
03.19.24 CopenhAustin Residency Application Support Workshop Workshop Q&A
11.11.23 The Struggling Artist: Survival Lessons from Austin Local Artists Workshop Civic Engagement
09.01.22 Isa Carillo (Residency) Residency Illustration · Numerology
04.01.22 Maximiliano Perez (Residency) Residency Research · Writing
10.29.21 Mishiko Sulakauri (at Papa Joes) Community · Exhibition Painting
10.22.21 Fabiola Mencheli (Potluck and Open Studio) Open Studio · Potluck Photography
10.01.21 Fabiola Mencheli (Residency) Residency Photography
09.06.21 Mishiko Sulakauri (Residency) Residency Installation · Painting · Research
02.01.21 Faith Anderson (Residency) Residency Writing
01.01.21 Wendy Yamilett (Residency) Residency Painting
02.15.20 Grow Your Own Cloud (Residency) Residency Installation · Mixed Media · Research
01.17.20 Grounded Exhibition Performance Art · Sculpture · Video
12.06.19 Eric Acuña (Residency) Residency Film · Installation · Performance Art · Sculpture
10.29.19 Traces of butterflies on the Windshield of my Car Exhibition Sculpture · Sound Art
10.20.19 Anna Dziapshipa (Residency 2) Residency Research · Sculpture
10.10.19 Ivana Ivkovic (Residency) Residency Participatory
07.27.19 Ana Segovia Exhibition Painting
07.01.19 Ana Segovia (Residency) Residency Painting
05.26.19 Insurgent Learning, Harm Free Zone Framework Workshop Participatory · Pedagogy
05.18.19 Face Jug Band (debut): Black Assembly Talk Music · Research
05.11.19 Insurgent Learning with Suzy Gonzales Workshop Participatory · Pedagogy
05.01.19 Marshall Trammell (Residency) Residency Music · Research · Sound Art
04.26.19 Li Po and Dubbe's Nudes Exhibition · Open Studio Digital Art · Fashion · Film · Food · Installation · Interactive
04.18.19 Li Po Exhibition Design · Digital Art · Food · Mixed Media · Research · Sculpture
04.01.19 Janet40 (Residency) Residency Film · Installation · Mixed Media · Research · Sculpture
02.24.19 Mind Synthesis Hallway Reflector Film Screening Digital Art · Film
02.01.19 MSHR (Residency) Residency Film · Mixed Media · Music
01.28.19 Alejandro Opening and Potluck Exhibition · Potluck Sculpture
01.18.19 Alejandro Garcia Contreras Exhibition Sculpture
01.01.19 Alejandro Garcia Contreras (Residency) Residency Sculpture
10.19.18 Isadora Exhibition Painting · Sculpture
10.11.18 Anna Dziapshipa (Residency) Residency Installation · Research
10.01.18 Susan Finlay (Residency) Residency Painting · Sculpture · Writing
09.01.18 Megan Scheffer (Residency) Residency Illustration · Research
08.01.18 Jordan Clough (Residency) Residency Illustration · Painting · Tattoo
07.27.18 Sundial Exhibition Photography
07.01.18 Andrea Martinez (Residency) Residency Photography
04.27.18 Dreaming about the Yesteryear Exhibition Illustration · Mixed Media · Research · Sculpture
04.21.18 Next Year People Theater Acting · Installation
04.21.18 Slava Mogutin's Food Chain Film Screening · Reading Film · Prose
04.21.18 Vidusekso Exhibition · Performance Fashion · Installation · Puppetry · Sound Art · Textile
04.20.18 Hanging with Slava Talk Oral Communication
04.18.18 Miguel Angel Salazar Open Studio Illustration · Mixed Media · Research · Sculpture
04.15.18 Rachel Mars (Residency) Residency Acting · Research · Writing
04.11.18 Slava Mogutin (Residency) Residency Photography · Research
04.01.18 Miguel Wimpy Salazar (Residency) Residency Mixed Media
03.30.18 Zach Dorn (Performance) Performance Acting · Music · Performance Art · Prose · Puppetry
03.03.18 Degenerate Expressionism Exhibition Mixed Media · Painting
03.01.18 Zach Dorn (Residency) Residency Acting · Performance Art · Puppetry · Writing
02.01.18 Travis Egedy (Residency) Residency Music · Painting
01.19.18 Ontology of PIMG Exhibition Virtual Reality
01.01.18 Matt Henderson and Stephanie Mendoza (Residency) Residency Virtual Reality
11.01.17 Scott Eastwood (Residency) Residency Painting
09.09.17 Justin Favela Exhibition Craft · Mixed Media · Sculpture
09.01.17 Justin Favela (Residency) Residency Installation
08.27.17 Not So Wet, but Very Hot Texan Summer Comedy Stand-Up
08.01.17 Chelsea Flowers (Residency) Residency Comedy · Writing
07.28.17 What the Water Does Exhibition Painting · Sculpture
07.01.17 Anna Buckner (Residency) Residency Painting · Sculpture
05.29.17 I Like Texas and Texas Likes Me Exhibition Music · Performance Art · Sculpture
05.01.17 Taraka Larson (Residency) Residency Installation · Music · Performance Art
04.21.17 Ernesto Walker (Exhibit) Exhibition Design · Illustration · Installation · Sculpture · Sound Art
04.12.17 Nerd Nite: Ernesto Walker Talk Sculpture · Sound Art
04.01.17 Ernesto Walker (Residency) Residency Installation · Sound Art
02.01.17 Lauren Klein (Residency) Residency Painting · Sculpture
11.01.16 Böhler and Orendt (Residency) Residency Installation · Performance Art · Sculpture
10.26.16 August Taught Us Exhibition · Reading Prose · Sculpture
10.01.16 D.S. Kinsell (Residency) Residency Performance Art · Research · Sculpture
09.01.16 Mel Murray (Residency) Residency Installation · Photography
06.01.16 Vivian Hua (Residency) Residency Installation · Sculpture
05.01.16 Laura Ornella (Residency) Residency Acting · Installation · Writing
04.01.16 Daniela Libertad (Residency) Residency Film · Painting · Photography · Sculpture
04.01.16 Estudio Sobre Triángulo (Residency) Open Studio · Residency Illustration · Painting · Sculpture · Sound Art · Video
02.29.16 Jack Topht Presents Intercalary Day / Leap Day Concert Music
02.07.16 Superbowl Sunday Dipfest 9000 Performance Music · Sports
02.01.16 Jack Topht (Residency) Residency Installation · Music · Performance Art
01.01.16 James Connolly (Residency) Residency Film · Mixed Media · Video
12.01.15 Neil Fridd (Residency 2) Residency Installation · Mixed Media
11.01.15 Yuan Liu (Residency) Residency Film · Installation
10.01.15 Holland Andrews (Residency) Residency Music · Performance Art
09.28.15 Notation and Time Talk Music
09.20.15 Anna Mikalhova (Residency) Residency Composition · Music
08.28.15 Texas Towers Exhibition Sculpture
08.01.15 Wade Schaming (Residency) Residency Sculpture
07.31.15 Sentinel: Temple of Self-Awareness Exhibition Installation · Performance Art
07.01.15 Julia Sinelnikova (Residency) Residency Installation · Music · Performance Art
06.01.15 Danni Tsuboi, Cordey Lopez (Residency) Residency Acting · Installation · Music · Performance Art
05.31.15 Pain Balls Concert Music · Performance Art
05.01.15 Raquel Bell (Residency) Residency Installation · Music
04.04.15 Demystifying Origami Talk Origami
04.01.15 Dom Rabalais (Residency) Residency Installation · Music · Music Video · Painting · Video
03.01.15 Robby Kraft (Residency) Residency Installation · Origami
03.01.15 Witchual Objects Exhibition Installation · Painting · Sculpture
02.01.15 Macon Reed (Residency) Residency Installation · Sculpture
01.12.15 Erin Gentry (Residency) Residency Sculpture
01.01.15 Cole Wilson (Residency) Residency Installation · Music
12.01.14 Neil Fridd (Residency 1) Residency Installation
11.01.14 Poncili Creacion (Residency) Residency Puppetry
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Program purpose

To facilitate cultural exchange and long term connections between resident artists and the greater community of Central Texas.

Program history

Since 2014, Unlisted Projects has hosted international artists and leaders through an ongoing residency program based at the Museum of Human Achievement. UP facilitates transborder connections and international collaboration through friendship and the production of thoughtful new work. The community-driven nature of UP and its host location MoHA is firmly rooted in the idea of bringing people together to share their lived experience in a trusted and welcoming space. The empathy that stems from sharing stories and supporting new relationships are an essential step toward a healthy society.

We believe in the importance of communing and working together. Residents create work and live alongside an intentional local community of 35 artists and 17 organizations. Residents are invited to attend and participate in programming, workshops and events at MoHA. Each resident self-selects the ways they want to be supported and the program adapts to their needs by leveraging a strong social network of individuals and organizations. New artists receive an open arms welcome when introducing themselves as “the resident artist” due to the existing community's relationship to the program and the lasting international relationships that have resulted.

As a host site, MoHA provides affordable space and professional support to individuals and organizations that have historically lacked access to institutional resources. This support is tailored to meet people and organizations where they are and ranges from grant writing, legal assistance, production assistance, affordable or free office space, administrative assistance, financial planning, and individual micro-grants and commissions. Visiting artists are invited to workshops and individual sessions toward capacity building and long term strategies toward professional development.

At its core, Unlisted Projects’ impact is not limited to the resident artist: via public programming, studio visits and introducing residents to local leaders, we estimate that residents engage with 50+ local artists, 8+ arts organizations and hundreds of Austin locals during their stay.

Regional artists are provided grant writing support and professional connections toward international mobility. As a result of this program, regional artists have traveled to collaborate on projects in Mexico, Denmark, and Tbilisi, Georgia. UP is committed to being a leader in creative connectivity; we are positioned both to empower artists, and to build bridges between communities in Texas and abroad.