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Event Info
Date start 04.21.18
Date end 04.27.18
Start Time 12am
Admission Free

Vidusekso is an interactive installation and theatre piece contained within a free-standing octagon.

The spectator approaches one of the 8 sides, inserts their body into the two sleeves extending inwards and looks through the eye apertures into the space within. Only when fully inserted will each participant be able to experience the piece. From the outside one will see eight bodies pressed and partially consumed by a black doorways. Inside of the octagon lives the densely and colorfully erratic world of Kuniklo. The eight participants witness each other as a different surreal character/animal/god. The only character the participant cannot see is themselves. Once every side of the octagon is filled, the play begins. Inside of each mask a different audio track plays, transmitting specific instructions for each player. The audience is not able to view the piece without inserting themselves into it, creating a co-dependency between viewer, artist and environment.