Estudio Sobre Triángulo (Residency)

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Estudio Sobre Triángulo is part of a month long, evolving project in which artist Daniela Libertad (Mexico City) will explore the properties and components that comprise a triangle. By definition, a triangle is composed of three straight sides and three angles. In other words, three lines, bent at various yet specific angles together make the closed figure of a triangle. In the hands of Daniela Libertad, these simple properties that define the triangle are problematized in the most subtle, poetic ways. During her time in residence at The Museum of Human Achievement and during the Fusebox Festival, Daniela will make the properties of the triangle her subject matter, questioning its definition through a variety of different medium, exploring how this simple form creates relationships with space and the human body.

Over the course of the month of April the study will evolve and grow into the main gallery space of The Museum of Human Achievement.

Daniela Libertad lives and practices in Mexico City, and uses drawing, video, and photography, to explore the diverse relationships between objects and her body, the perception of the intangible, mysticism, and its connection to everyday life. Through her work, she investigates how sculptural dynamics are constructed and deposited onto objects. She searches for a connection between weight, tension, and balance — materials, forms, and objects. Libertad has received numerous scholarship awards for her work including Jóvenes Creadores FONCA in the 2013-2014 Alternative Media category as well as in the 2011- 2012 Video category, PAEE FONCA in 2008-2010, and Baden Württemberg Stipendium in 2006-2007.

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