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Date 01.17.20
Admission Free

The experience of time is mostly through the subconscious; we have a sense of space because we can move and of time because, as biological beings, we undergo recurrent phases of tension and ease, push and pull. Eric Acuña's Grounded (100 miles) installation summons a dimension in which the corporal becomes ethereal. The artist presents a body of surface material collected from sweeping 100 miles south to north Texas along various pathways. The content of the collections symbolizes the success of nothing into something through a sense of affinity, which brings to mind a conceptualized spacial relation to place. The developed body of collective history refers to the movement of earth, reminding us of geological displacements aimed to introduce a symbolic action into the history of a site location. The multitude of organic natural represents the diversity in our world; the aggregation of projections of a live feed from his perception while on this walk seems to dissolve the space while creating a sense of velocity, reminding us that space and time are embedded in a continuum.

Eric Acuña is a San Antonio based artist and Up Program artist-in-resident selected for Texas State University. His work explores diverse subjects through painting, videography, performance, archives, and objects. He is currently working towards a BFA in Expanded Media from Texas State University with a focus on experimental filmmaking. His recent video titled, "Simulation Fever," screened on display at the Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery Lockhart, TX.