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Name Unlisted Projects Board Member Application
Type Leadership
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Why Serve on Unlisted Projects Board of Directors?

Unlisted Projects (UP) has gradually but persistently grown as an important fixture in both the local and international arts ecosystem. Our purpose is to facilitate cultural exchange and long term connections between resident artists and the greater community of Central Texas. Through this open call we would like to grow the board of UP with new members looking to collaborate, adapt and participate in the future of Unlisted Projects.


Since 2014, Unlisted Projects has hosted international artists and leaders through an ongoing residency program based at the Museum of Human Achievement. UP facilitates transborder connections and international collaboration through friendship and the production of thoughtful new work. The community-driven nature of UP and its host location MoHA is firmly rooted in the idea of bringing people together to share their lived experience in a trusted and welcoming space. The empathy that stems from sharing stories and supporting new relationships are an essential step toward a healthy society.


We believe in the importance of communing and working together. Residents create work and live alongside an intentional local community of artists and organizations. Residents are invited to attend and participate in programming, workshops and events at MoHA. Each resident self-selects the ways they want to be supported and the program adapts to their needs by leveraging a strong social network of individuals and organizations. New artists receive an open arms welcome when introducing themselves as “the resident artist” due to the existing community's relationship to the program and the lasting international relationships that have resulted.


As a host site, MoHA provides affordable space and professional support to individuals and organizations that have historically lacked access to institutional resources. This support is tailored to meet people and organizations where they are and ranges from grant writing, legal assistance, production assistance, affordable or free office space, administrative assistance, financial planning, and individual micro-grants and commissions. Visiting artists are invited to workshops and individual sessions toward capacity building and long term strategies toward professional development.

At its core, Unlisted Projects’ impact is not limited to the resident artist: via public programming, studio visits and introducing residents to local leaders, we estimate that residents engage with 50+ local artists, 8+ arts organizations and hundreds of Austin locals during their stay.

Regional artists are provided grant writing support and professional connections toward international mobility. As a result of this program, regional artists have traveled to collaborate on projects in Mexico, Denmark, and Tbilisi, Georgia. UP is committed to being a leader in creative connectivity; we are positioned both to empower artists, and to build bridges between communities in Texas and abroad.


UP provides studio space, living accommodations, a working stipend, production support and professional resources ensuring that artists’ experiences are both productive and comfortable. Resident artists are provided with opportunities to share and receive feedback for their work through both formal studio visits or informal potlucks depending on their preference. UP assists with production support, technical consultation, exhibit fabrication, mentorship pairings, the presentation and distribution of work created. All resident artists have access to the network of past artists and partner organizations.

Facilities include an artist studio, technology lab, VR/AR equipment, production materials, projectors, computer, design and development software, powertools, community garden, lending library, co-working space, 1000 sq ft gallery space, venue area with PA, and various audio/visual equipment. Both the gallery and the venue host monthly exhibitions, weekly performance events and educational programming; artists in residence are encouraged to participate in the development of our programming activities.


At Unlisted Projects we are aware of the political climate within which we are situated. What Unlisted Projects offers to the community is a moment of connection between people, their differing realities, and the commonalities that bring them together. Through the unique practices of each artist that visits, critical moments of understanding, questioning, and learning take place, and we believe that these moments shape the course of understanding and empathy beyond our city.


Each resident artist is asked to culminate their month-long residency cycle by engaging with the public in the ways they see uniquely fit for their practice. This presentation facilitates the exchange of international thought with the Central Texas community through programming that is always free and open to the public. Our programming leads to the creation of original art work and further establishes Austin as a place for artists to develop their practice.

The culmination of these efforts have resulted in 55 visiting artists across 48 months resulting in 68 free public events. Artists have visited from countries such as Mexico, Georgia, France, Croatia, Russia, Denmark, Poland and others. Programs have been presented in partnership with The Danish Ministry of Culture and Palaces, Catch (DK), Click Festival, Rosekilde Festival, SXSW, the Consulate General of Mexico in Austin, CEC Arts Link, UNESCO Media Arts Network, Fantastic Arcade, Fusebox Festival. Visiting artists have partnered or presented work with local orgs and businesses such as Govalle Elementary School, Papa Joes Tex Mex, Rude Mechs, the East Side Pot Shop, Past residents have produced final exhibitions, full length movies, life-size whale puppets, podcasts, educational initiatives, residency programs etc…

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Who We're Looking For

UP welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and experiences to apply.

UP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression and identity, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. up is looking for community members from diverse backgrounds, and with varied skill sets, perspectives and voices.

This year we are particularly interested in candidates who can bring specific expertise, or have a background and experience, in one or more of the following key areas:

  • Fundraising, extroverts, advocates, hype-people
  • Big picture and future forward programmatic thinking
  • International development, outreach and partnerships
  • People who are not already overextended with other commitments (Time)

Whats Expected of Board Members

UP Board Members are expected to dedicate about 2-4 hours per month working on Unlisted Projects support. This may include reviews of budget, application, strategic plan, grant proposals, and other goals toward organization sustainability. Board terms last for two years. We arrange meetings based on board member availability. There is no monetary obligation or give/get ask of this board.

Whats the Nomination and Appointment Process

We encourage all qualified candidates to apply by clicking on the button below. If not interested at this time, please refer anyone you think would be a qualified candidate.

The Board of Directors will review all applications. Candidates should be notified within one months of applying.