Unlisted Projects Buddy System

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Opportunity Info
Name Unlisted Projects Buddy System
Deadline Rolling
Type Volunteer
Link Buddy System Sign-Up

The Unlisted Projects Buddy system is a way for Austin residents and community members to connect with international and regional local artists. This form is a way for community members to express interest in being a "buddy" and help Unlisted Projects staff and board member pair buddies with upcoming resident artists. For reference on past resident artists see below.

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As a buddy, you will play a vital role in enriching the residency experience for our visiting artists and fostering a sense of community. Buddies can engage in a variety of activities that will help introduce the artist to the local culture, community, and artistic scene. These activities might include:

  • Dining Out: Share a meal at your favorite local restaurants or cafes, introducing the artist to the flavors of the Austin.
  • Attending Events: Accompany the artist to cultural events, art exhibitions, concerts, or performances, providing context and insights about the local arts scene.
  • Exploring the City: Take the artist on a tour of the city's landmarks, parks, or neighborhoods, highlighting the unique aspects of the community.
  • Hosting Dinners: Invite the artist to your home for a meal, offering a personal and intimate experience of local hospitality and cuisine.
  • Casual Meetups: Arrange informal gatherings with friends or other artists, facilitating networking and social interactions.

As a buddy, you should be prepared to commit to at least one activity per week for the course of a month during the artist's residency, with the flexibility to adjust based on mutual availability and interests. By participating in the buddy system, you are contributing to a vibrant and welcoming artistic community at Unlisted Projects and beyond. We look forward to your enthusiastic involvement and the meaningful connections that will emerge from this exchange.