Demystifying Origami

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Date 04.04.15
Admission Free


W/Robby Kraft

This Saturday spend an hour with a professional origamist during a hands-on tour of origami. Learn how a designer approaches a blank square, explore the constraints, and experience a tactile connection to math like geometry and tree-theory. Expose the wonder and magic behind origami, kickstart your origami habit, or take your skill to the next level.

At a union of technology and art, Robby Kraft has been folding origami since he was 6. He has taught origami-prototyping software at the convention in New York, folded load-bearing expandable furniture, and discovered one of the few truly infinitely repeating origami fractals. Also a mathematician, physicist, and computer scientist, his research includes rigid-body folding, parametric design, nanoscale self-assembling DNA origami, and designs for outer space satellite panel packing and unfolding.  During 2015, he's folding one origami figure each day, highlighting some of the best and most challenging pieces in the world.