Dreaming about the Yesteryear

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'new work by Miguel Angel Salazar

The Museum of Human achievement and Unlisted Projects is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Dreaming about the Yesteryear by Miguel Angel Salazar. This solo exhibition is the result of Salazar’s month-long exploration on digital archeology, or the conceptual excavation of objects downloaded from the internet and their translation into tangible, three dimensional, digitally printed sculptures.

About the artist: Miguel Angel Salazar lives and works in Mexico City. He produces objects and videos that derive from a quasi-archaeological search of digital archives and the re-collection of personal memories. These digital and physical reproductions take on new forms as the artist reconsiders their association between the past and the present. Creating a bridge between the physical world and the digital one, with constant crossing from one to the other, Salazar explores the possibility of an interaction between new production processes and traditional ones. The reproduction of each object is an opportunity to fragment both digital and personal memories.