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GUTS+ is an immersive media showcase inside of a repurposed city bus! This season’s CATS+ (Collaborative Art + Technology Situation) residents are Sabine Brown, Victoria Cantu, Luna Davis, Cathy Le, Jay Thomas, and Mavyn Vu. Together they created a collection of interactive media, video, projection, and set design experiments inspired by the way our experiences and technologies distort our perception of self and others. Their collaborations offer remixes and reclamations of identity using technology. “We project things onto each other, but we can also project things onto a bus.” Come explore GUTS+, chat with the residents about their process, and digest.

This event was created for the CATS+ Spring 2024 Residency.

06.11.24Large-Scale Reactive Projection Mapping with TouchDesignerCathy LeCATS+ Spring 2024
06.11.24Laser Cutting, After Effects, Persona & Thought ProcessLuna DavisCATS+ Spring 2024
06.12.24My Creative ProcessJay ThomasCATS+ Spring 2024
06.12.24Playing with onlinebedroom: How to Create Video WorkVictoria CantuCATS+ Spring 2024
06.12.24Projection Mapping with Touch Designer Using KantanMapperMavyn VuCATS+ Spring 2024
06.12.24So You Want to Be a Soundcloud Artist?Mavyn VuCATS+ Spring 2024