Exhibition Programs

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Cage Match Project

CMP is a gallery that lives in an industrial caged-trailer. This weathered and rusted container resides in a gravel parking lot in Austin, Texas where it is under constant exposure to the elements and 24-hour public viewership. It's current curator is Ariel René Jackson, a multidisciplinary artist. Cage Match Project was developed by Ryan Hawk, a Houston based artist


A series of drive-in movies and in-car activities at The Museum of Human Achievement. An Enjoyable Community Cinematic Experience.


Holiday Show

Building on historical East Austin traditions, since 2013, MoHA has hosted a holiday show as an annual act of coming together. This celebration places community leaders on stage in leading roles. Historically we see the largest influx of new interest in the organization based on a fun, campy and approachable environment. This celebration provides a welcome space for joy amongst the community, many of whom the holiday season is a time of stress.

Station to Stations

An international gallery housed within the destination sign of a former San Antonio city bus that now serves as a mobile performance platform. As the bus travels from place to place, or station to stations, the destination sign features text-based ideas from around the globe, transforming the bus into a moving network.

The Mall

The Mall is a small art gallery in Austin, TX. We help artists make a living, with a particular interest in uplifting women artists, queer artists, and artists of color whose voices are more often marginalized, and to create an exciting and beautiful platform and context for their work. A majority of our gallery features works from Austin artists, and is exemplary of the unique culture of Austin. Beyond a space for exhibition, The Mall also actively facilitates education and community via four workshops annually, and the creation of new art via commissions of editioned work.