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MoHA Newsletter

MoHA doesn’t have a presence on social media. The best way to find out about upcoming programming is by signing up for the newsletter and mailing list here.

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These links will invite you to the Fantastic Arcade or MoHA Discord server. Our Discord servers are for creating friendly, positive virtual space for the community to hang out, connect, find collaborators, swap materials, trade secrets, and anything else we can dream up together.

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MoHA Discord Server
Fantastic Arcade Discord Server



Sign up to join the volunteer list and see upcoming volunteer opportunities here.

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Volunteer Form

Unlisted Projects Buddy System

We’re always seeking buddies to help welcome in visiting artists. This form is for anyone local to Austin who seeks to join our buddy program.

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Mallunteer Volunteer Signup

We're seeking volunteers to support The Mall through retail support, social media, shipping and artist communications.

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Fantastic Arcade Community Support

This form is for anyone wanting to become more involved with Fantastic Arcade or Games Y'all!

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Support MoHA

Support and sustain our organization.

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Feedback Form

This form is for community to submit feedback anonymously or to request a follow up.

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Anonymous Feedback Form

Office Hours

If you want to talk about anything at all, be it serious feedback, help with something, professional advice, grant stuff, or just what's going on in your life. All MoHA staff office hours are linked here via Calendly.

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Office Hours Link