Tonight We Valentine in Hell! or the Love Of My Knife Spooky, Romantic And/or Vampire Stories

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Date 02.13.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
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Associated Program Drive-In
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Hell yeah it’s Saturday the 13th, Valentine’s eve!! A spooky number, a romantic weekend, and a dynamite evening! We had so much fun doing our campfire stories night in December that we’re bringing it back… with a twist!! This time it’s not just scary! Circle your car up around our fire and use the provided, freshly sanitized, walkie talkie to tell your 5 minute or less tale!! This time you can pick or write a story that is scary OR romantic! ORRRRR if you’re more of an off the cuff kinda person you can pick a vampire movie you have never seen and try to explain the plot of it! We’re covering all our bases! But why would we need to cover a vampire base you ask!?! Well, cause we’re showing perhaps the ultimate vampire film! It’s based on the ultimate vampire book at least! As I was typing this I just remembered Keanu is in this movie wow I can’t wait!!