Curbside Yuletide

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Curbside Yuletide


Program Info
Date start Dec 2020
Date end Dec 2020
Type of Program Community · Exhibition · Film
Parent program MoHA
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Program purpose

12 Days of Holiday Themed Drive-In Movies and in-car holiday activities. This holiday season in Austin, TX as part of our annual celebration at The Museum of Human Achievement in partnership with Terror Pigeon, come join us for 12 days of Drive-In Holiday Movies and Activities. Each of the 12 nights night we will do a holiday thing together and then watch a movie (or more). Cars will tune into a radio station for movie audio and will be provided with a walkie talkie for optional socializing. Instructions and any supplies needed for what we have planned for that night will provided on check in. Walkie talkies will be used for all sorts of things, but ultimately, we’re going to hang out and have a nice time together.