Guess Who

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Event Info
Date 12.17.20
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Event artist
Presented by
Associated Program Curbside Yuletide

Hi! Neil here! I’ve been writing these event descriptions and I want to be very direct with you and tell you that tonight we’re screening one of the best action movies ever made starring one of my favorite actors whose name rhymes with Deena Gavis. It’s not Die Hard, that is another amazing Christmas action movie! This is lesser known, but truly wonderful counterpart. It’s got spies and secret identities so we’re gonna play that game where you have a persons name on your forehead (car) and you can’t see it but everyone else can and then you have conversations (from in the car with your walkie talkies) and you try to guess who you are based on what people ask you about! It’s gonna rule!