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Event Info
Date 12.15.20
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Event artist
Presented by
Associated Program Curbside Yuletide
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Every day we arrive at MoHA and find a plethora of tributes have been left outside our door! People are begging for, nay, demanding another thunderdome!! And we must oblige! We’ve got two holiday favorites about blasting through snow on a big train!! One has too many Tom Hanks the other has Captain America! Both are kinda fucked in their own way!!! Both movies will be shown simultaneously side by side on the same screen! Every 10 minutes the audience uses their blinkers to vote which movie they like better! The size of each movie is adjusted according to the number of votes it receives! WHO WILL SURVIVE THUNDERDOME 2 TOO THUNDER TOO DOME!?!?!!!!!!

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