Potluck (Mar 2023)

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Event Info
Date 03.19.23
Time 12pm–4pm
Admission Free
Sponsored by
Associated Program Potluck

Hello Loves, SXSW takes up more than physical space. There is a whole room in our minds that it takes up.  We house it if we want to, we house it if we don't want to. As you are doing your mental housekeeping and emotional room cleaning, We have a place for you to put up your physical feet and warm your physical hearts with physical cats. Sunday, March 19th from 12pm - 4pm here at MoHA. Come by, breathe, decompress.

Would you like to bring something? We invite you to bring a friend who may have come to Austin for SX, or one who is helping you navigate it. Feeling like you wanna share a bit more, bring the food, snack or drink that helps you feel at peace.

For fun, Stop by anytime between now and then to pick up your Peace Treats. "What's a Peace treat?" you say. It's a small package of offerings for the MoHA Cats to offer them at the Potluck. Or to give to your guest to offer.