Party World Rasslin' Presents: Convocation 6.9

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Event Info
Date 07.24.21
Admission $10
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In
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Party World Rasslin' has been celebrating ritual catastrophe for 6.9 furious years. For the eve of our CRUCIAL HECKQUINOX, we are assembling a grand convocation. The first 50 people to reserve spots can join us in a special ceremony; the ceremony of cracking the shining black lid of isolation. We will wear the sacred robes and speak the 3 forbidden words. If all goes according to plan, a Savage Edifice will rise from the ground, and the Foretold One will lead us towards another decade of Party Violence.

PWR started out in backyard, mocking and raising our fists against the moon. That's where we're returning, for just one night. But what is the Savagae Edifice? Who is the Foretold One? And what furious Partying will we unleash upon Austin for just one night? Please join us, please help us find out.