Brooch Party!

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Event Info
Date 09.23.22
Time 6pm–9pm
Admission Suggested Donation $10
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In this workshop we’ll assemble brooches from a wide array of found objects. Then, we’ll build small worlds for our creations. We’ll each make our own shadow box using our brooches and the rest of the found objects as materials. This box will be a work of art unto itself, but will also function as a sort of ‘secret’ display case, from which the brooches can be easily removed and replaced for wearing. We’ll draw inspiration from the granddaddy of the shadow box, Joseph Cornell, and make connections between assemblage art and the act of getting dressed. We’ll discuss the power of ‘dressing up’ as a deliberate protest against the desire to disappear that is often forced on us in a capitalist society. At least we have our pieces of flair!

Leah McLeroy is a hermit-about-town who likes collecting stuff. She is interested in progressive education, disability justice, dressing up, dressing down, and creating soft clothing and textiles for people with sensory processing disorder.

This workshop will be made as accessible as possible to immunocompromised people. Working outdoors will be an option