UTSA New Media Arts Collective

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Event Info
Date 04.21.17
Admission Free

The UTSA New Media Arts Collective is proud to present Ghost Fiddle, a collection of multidisciplinary performances, installations, and sound-based art works. Ghost Fiddle will be featuring a glass orchestra experience, traumatic karaoke, real time creation of ceramic artifacts, and a poison ivy color field. Adult themes will be explored. Parental discretion is advised.

Ghost Fiddle features work by artists John Dalton Atkins, Sky Beal, Jasmine Barrios, Thomas Chessman, Eden Collins, Houston Fryer, Nicole Garcia, Verena Gaudy, Alexandra Hamner, Vianney Lopez, Daniela Madrigal, Mark McCoin, Chelsea Orth, Ron Palos, Alex Parra, Rosemarie Pesina, Martin C. Rodriguez, Nathan Talamantez, Brent Taylor, Aaron Tolbert, Jayne M. Valverde, and Daniel Vanegas. The UTSA New Media Collective is headed by Assistant Professor Mark McCoin and includes advanced undergraduate and graduate students from the UTSA Department of Art and Art History. Students in the collective explore the integration of video performance, movement, sculpture, sound performance, and any combination of space-time creativity they wish to experiment with, to create individualized works.