The Terror Pigeon and MoHA Christmas Spectacular

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Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
Daniel Francis Doyle
Ben Aqua
Field Dress
Aux Aux (My Education + Many Birthdays)
Sean Padilla
Motion Detector Inspectors
The Big Fist (Fresh Millions)
Gossamer Frontier
Meth Dad
Callilope Musicals


15 of your favorite Austin bands throw the Christmas Pageant you've always dreamt of. Come see each band transformed into a character of Christmas folklore, performing a micro-set of music as that character. Be serenaded by Santa's elves, charmed by Chris Kringle, growled at by the Grinch, and soothed by the frostiest snowman, all inside a giant winter wonderland constructed by The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! Each band performs back to back for maximum Christmas spirit overdrive! It'll be like drinking ten 5 hour energies if you replaced the vitamin b12 in them with good will towards men.

This once in a lifetime journey into the amaze kicks off with a potluck dinner at 6pm.

The show beings at 7:30pm.