The Shabooming

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Oh Come
Oh Come
Sweet Austin Town
and Hark!
The Hotel Herald sings
of hallways strangely patterned round a tide of blood that's glistening!
A Ding! A Dong!
Oh something's wrong
with Wendy, Jack, and Danny Boy.
Their Holiday
All work, no play,
A talking finger as a toy!
Permit us here to make it clear
that Mr Kringle will appear
that creepy twins will deck the halls
with chopping axes, booze for all!
So gather round ye yuletide clowns
and light a candle,
stop the glooming,
pray for snow and twilight glow
prepare ye way

A MoHA/Terror Pigeon Holiday Production

Starring: Shaboom (Silky Shoemaker, Lex Vaughn, Paul Soileau)
With: Khattie Q, Angelica Mcauley, Matt Hislope, Adrienne Sneed, Y2K, Thor Harris, Beth Schindler, Thomas Graves
Magic by: Andie Flores, Jay Roff-Garcia, Tori Reynolds, Rec Spec, Samara Halperin, Courtney Boyle, Lindsay Braun, Stephanie Page, Emily Gilardi, Alex Aulson, Jess Bee and more!
Based on the Novel by: Stephen Drag King
Adapted and Improved by: Shaboom
Presented in Association with: Double Scorpio
With additional support from: ASHwell Sexual Health + Wellness