Tanline Steamroller

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Date start 12.16.21
Date end 12.19.21
Start Time 12am
Admission $25
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12.20.21 Christmas Carol 2060: Tanline Steamroller at the Museum of Human by William Sarradet (Glasstire)

2060 has been a tough year for all of us.
—Have the mega tornados gotten you down?
—Are you tired of paying for clean air?
—Were you promised the fall of capitalism
and instead got a tech bro infection?

Well, friend, look no further!
You are invited to join Zac and Neil at
the Museum of Human Achievement
for Christmas Carol 2060

Written and Directed by Paul Kruse
Featuring: Spliff Kazoo and his Fronds, Thomas Graves, Thor Harris, Kairos Looney, Y2K, and Brigitte Bandit and many more…. 
Illustration by Rory Blank

There will be all the clean air you can breathe, actual water,
and, of course, beer! It’s fully tropical and kinda topical. 

You’ll need just three things:

Good Company—We’ll be seating folks in groups of up to 4! So, bring your friends. Are you good company all on your own?! That’s great too. All are welcome and there will be solo seating available. All guests will be asked to share a vaccination card or negative covid test (from the last 2 days) at the door. Each performance will be capped at 40 people and groups will be socially distanced from each other.

Cozy (tropical) clothes—the ice caps may have melted in 2042, but MoHA knows how to keep it cool! Bay doors are open for maximum ventilation! The inside temperature is the outside temperature, so bring a blanket to keep it tropical!

A Gift-Wrapped Present—There will be a part in the show where we ask folks to exchange presents with each other. We ask that everyone bring a gift-wrapped present. Maybe your group wants to plan a secret Santa! Maybe you’re coming on your own and just want to wrap a random object from your home to see it with new eyes. All options are fine. But help us continue the ancient tradition of presents!

Capacity will be capped at 40 per show, it is very likely to sell out and that also would be very cool, please plan accordingly!