Nine to Drive Working Car Car Drag 2

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Event Info
Date 03.06.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

Parting is such sweet sorrow unless it’s fun as hell which it freaking is gonna be!!! Our last night together for this round so you know what that means!!! It’s Car Drag 2, dog!!!!! Decorate / transform your car into any other kind of vehicle, anything that moves, or really any object, and strut your stuff down our big runway!! It’s the drag so nice we’re doing it twice with the following very good addition: Pre-show vanity photos! Show up early (Like 6:15) and pull up to our beautiful sequined backdrop for a very cool in car photoshoot! We’ll email you your pictures!! It’s the last night and it’s Employee Appreciation day, so stick around for a wondrous double feature about women working for certain hours!! Up first we got Dolly Parton doing her thing in the movie that’s title is mostly numbers! Then I feel like we’ll probably do Caraoke for a second? Up last we got Sigourney Weaver vs. Melanie Griffith in a battle to see who can become Harrison Ford I think tbh it’s been a while!! Dang that’s a night y’all!!! We’ll see you next time!! Which is probably very soon! Zac will be here but I’ll be back in TN! I miss you already!!